About painting

I studied painting at Elam Art School in New Zealand with the artist Colin McCahon and photography with Tom Hutchings.
The students had a thorough academic training in drawing from life as well has having to pass the Art History Units at Auckland University. A group of us formed the NEO - REALISTS which broke up when most of us travelled overseas. My influences at that time were Artemisia Gentileschi, Van Gogh, Manet, Courbet, and the American Realists

Alexis Hunter and Alyson Hunter at work on street mural 1968

In London and with many visits to New York in the early seventies I became involved in using the PHOTOREALIST art technique, and these paintings THE OBJECT SERIES were exhibited at the Ikon Gallery Realist show 1975. For the next seven years I was involved in showing photographs which were financially supported by working as a painter in animation studios in Central London.

The Object series painting 1974-5 collection of Auckland City Art Gallery
 In 1981 I was drawn back to painting because of a need to experience the immediacy of the physical involvement.  Keeping the feminist - directed content I utilized a style of painting instantly by using expressionism as a technique in acrylic; the series MALE MYTHS AND OTHER NIGHTMARES.
Considering Theory 1982 USA Collection
Becoming more involved with psychology and myth I produced large oil paintings the CONFLICTS OF THE PSYCHE.
Conflicts of the Psyche Coll. of the Auckland city Art Gallery
In the late eighties I wanted to relate to my own cultural background and produced the HAWAIIKI SERES (New Zealand) and THE CAMDEN TOWN SERIES (Inner London).


The Camden Falcon

Hawaiiki Series Coll NZ

In the following years Ink drawing was used as a main medium, still using psychology as a subject and  influenced by Chinese art.

Considering 1991 Collection NZ

I returned to Greek Myth as a subject in the 1990s and produced a new series of painting and coloured etchings for a show in a Greek gallery in London, having visited Athens for new source material  which became the MUSE ON MYTH series.
Eve and the serpent 1994
By the mid ninties I had returned to painting of chimerae in the city, called City Spirits
City Spirit Wallace Collection NZ
My mode of working is conceptual combined with the personal, based on the need to express a particular idea with the best technique to use to impact the viewer. Sometimes get it wrong and make something that no-one understands, but think they might in the future. THE OTHER SIDE is about the struggle for an artist between the ego (natural expression) and the superego (absorbed criticism).

  I use various material substances to work on too, so have made a series on computer motherboards THE INTERFACE SERIES and paintings on domestic ceramics.  The work with new technology is about the fear of new communications systems, and these works are offered as ‘talismans’ against this fear. I love to mix the modern with the archaic, like the way our brains are constructed from pre-history.

Spirit of the Motherboard Collection UK

The painted ceramics often follow the subject of the painting series, myth, cultural identity etc., but also have a conceptual relationship with the shape and use of the base vessel.

Hawaiiki series

Recently I have continued my interest in symbolic landscape by painting the GAIA SERIES. One of these images which is used on a public anti-nuclear mural in New Zealand.
Gaia series
  I hope to keep my sense of humour in my work as at the same time investigate things that interest me, and to produce things of beauty and substance. I hope you will enjoy this journey through looking at these paintings on this site.  Alexis Hunter.
Alexis Hunter in China




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